01. Why Use Camtasia

Camtasia 2020 is the best tool for recording, editing, and sharing screencasts. After watching this movie you will be able to identify additional uses for Camtasia.

Original Script

Camtasia is first and foremost a great application for recording, editing and sharing screen based movies, commonly called screencasts. But, by creating a great tool for screen casting, Techsmith has also produced an extremely powerful, yet easy to use tool for effective communication using audio, video and motion graphics.

Camtasia is really two separate, but interconnected apps: A media recorder and a Media editor.

The Camtasia Recorder, can be used to record your computer’s screen, microphone, a webcam, and your computer’s audio.

The Camtasia Editor is used to refine and enhance your story then share it with the world. We’ll spend a lot of time in this course going through the essential features of the Editor so you can tell your story to the best of your ability.

The normal Camtasia workflow is: use the recorder to capture your story, then use the Editor to refine it by removing mistakes, adding emphasis, and incorporating additional media you create on your computer or capture on your mobile device. Then share your finished work to the world. At the end of this chapter we’ll look at a few other workflows in more detail.

The obvious use of Camtasia is to produce instructional screencasts for your class, business or your growing following on social media.

But you could also use Camtasia to record quick video notes to yourself or others, record and edit live event via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype, create embedded videos for a presentation, Practice walking through your presentation, grading student work by narrating feedback to the learner, create the next animated gif that goes viral on the internet or documenting that new application you’ve been developing.

In my own daily work I use Camtasia primarily for two things, for creating polished video based training and for making quick video notes for myself and others. After watching the rest of this course and learning all of the essentials of using Camtasia, tweet me a note @csmattia with your ideas for how you are using Camtasia. I’d love to see and hear what you’re creating.

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