Learn to use Camtasia 2020, a complete screencast creation suite that you can use to capture and edit video, create interactive learning experiences, and publish instructional media. In this course, you will learn the essentials of creating compelling video content with this go-to tool. Learn how to create software-based training and slides-based training that draws your viewers deeper into your content. Author Chris Mattia teaches you how to edit video footage and audio to better tell your story. Learn how to record your voice like a pro and focus your learner’s attention with annotations and creative visual storytelling techniques. Plus, Chris shows how to share your content with the world and collaborate with co-authors on Mac and Windows.

This course has been recorded for both the Mac and Windows versions of Camtasia 2020. Exercise Files for each platform can be downloaded from inside of the course.

Topics Covered:

  • Selecting and calibrating your microphone
  • Recording your computer screen and voice
  • Mastering the 3 basic edits: Slice, Trim, and Ripple
  • Editing with Magnetic Tracks
  • Mastering Selections with the playhead and keyboard shortcuts
  • Using Clip and Timeline Markers
  • Focusing learner's attention with Annotations
  • Enhancing your story with Transitions
  • Speeding up your workflow with Themes, Libraries, and Templates
  • Sharing Movies to YouTube
  • Bonus Chapter: Recording Pro Tips

Camtasia 2020 Essential Training: The Basics

Author: Chris Mattia

Total Run Time: 2:46:47

Movie Count: 48

Exercise Files Included: Mac & Windows

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Course Curriculum

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  1. Getting Started
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  2. Creating Recordings
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  3. Editing in Camtasia
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  4. Enhancing Your Story
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  5. Sharing and Collaborating
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  6. Keys to a Successful Recording
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  7. Conclusion
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Chris Mattia raises a glass coffee created in Camtasia 2020 Essential Training: The Basics

Hi, I’m Chris Mattia

I've been creating professional screencasts for business and education for over 20 years.

As one of the original Producers for lynda.com, I worked with dozens of authors to create over 500 hours published video based training in that first year alone. Working one on one so many talented authors and the world class production team at lynda.com, I gained invaluable insights into every aspect of the screencast production pipeline. From preparing and delivering quality instructional screencasts to the technical aspect of recording, editing and delivering that content to learners like you.

Now as an independent author, I've refined my screencasting skills even further, learning to master the art of content creation by taking on the role of author myself. I've publish over 25 courses in the LinkedIn Learning and lynda.com Online Training Library and have had more than 300,000 learners take my courses.

I've thus, combined my Producer and Author experiences with more than 20 years of higher education experience as an Instructional Designer, Teacher, and Director of Academic Technology; Earning a Masters degree in Online Instructional Design along the way. In higher education I worked at St Mary's College of Maryland, Art Center College of Design, and California State University Channel Islands.

I now run my own instructional media production company, Callinectes Training, LLC where I also handle the business end of the equation as well as the technical post production pipeline of editing and preparing content for delivery to customers.

I developed the WaveTalkers platform as a way to apply the teachings of my Creating and Deploying Microlearning course I published in 2018. The platform initially targeted Ham Radio Operators, but is evolving to encompass effective communication in all mediums.

I'm excited to share all of this experience with you to help you on your journey to becoming a more effective communicator with Camtasia 2020.

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