03. What's New In Camtasia 2020

Camtasia 2020 is packed with new features. After watching this movie you will be able to identify the top 10 new features for this release.

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Camtasia 2020 is packed with new features, let’s have a look at the top 10 New Features of this release.

  1. Templates. Quickly assemble your projects faster than ever before while maintaining that consistent look and feel that portrays you and your brand.
  2. Favorites. With a single click you can now add the annotations and effects that you use the most to the new Favorites Panel for faster editing.
  3. Package Manager. Share Templates,Themes, Libraries, Shortcuts, Favorites and custom tool presets with other camtasia users with a single click.
  4. Magnetic Timeline. Take your editing to warp speed with this completely new way to edit on the timeline. Clips snap together, and gaps are automatically closed, this feature is like magic.
  5. Placeholder Media. This completely new type of clip allows you to define regions of your timeline that can be easily replaced with a new media clip when using templates.
  6. Shareable Shortcuts. You can now export all of your custom keyboard shortcuts and share with colleagues so everyone on your team can benefit from using the same keyboard shortcuts.
  7. Double-Click Media Bin Import. I love this one, simply double click in the media bin to import new media. It’s so fast.
  8. Detachable Timeline. If you work with multiple displays you’re going to love the ability to detach your timeline and move it to the display that is most convenient for you.
  9. Camtasia Recorder UI in Windows. The user interface for the entire Camtasia recorder has been updated and streamlined.
  10. Audio Meter on the Mac. You can now have an accurate audio levels indicator attached to your timeline on the Mac, just click the levels indicator in the main toolbar to dock it to your timeline.

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