Course Description:

This Video Quick Review Course contains 35 short videos to help you quickly review each question and correct answer for the 2018-2022 Technician Class, Element 2, ham radio exam.

Giving Back:

A portion of your course registration will be donated to help support the ARES LAX NW / LAEmComm team, and the Ventura County ARES / ACS team which the Author of the course, W6AH, is a member of.

Who This Course Is For:

The course is most helpful to students who are using any book as a self study guide, taking a formal ham radio class, or are using any online eLearning materials to study for their ham radio license.

What This Course Is Not:

This course is not an instructional course, but rather a Quick Review of the questions and correct answers to help you supplement your ham radio exam preparation.

Obtaining Your Ham Radio License:

To obtain your Ham Radio Technician Class License, you need to pass a 35 question, Multiple Choice exam with at least 26 out of 35 questions correct. The 35 questions are drawn from a pool of 423 possible questions that are organized into 35 Topics. One question from each topic, will be on your exam. To find an Exam Session near you use this form on the ARRL website.

Thanks you for helping to support Wave Talkers, ARES LAX-NW / LAEmComm, and Ventura County ARES / ACS by enrolling in this course.

Chris Mattia - W6AH

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Hi, I’m Chris Mattia - W6AH

I'm excited to help you on your journey into the world of ham radio. I got my own amateur radio license in January 2018 after the Thomas Fire ripped through my home town of Ventura CA. You can read more about that experience and my own journey into ham radio on my blog.

The experience of the Thomas Fire, was the primary driver for getting me into the world of Amateur Radio. I am now a regular member of the ARES groups in both Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. But, along the way, I discovered my own love for the hobby. I regularly operate on HF, VHF, UHF, and Microwave MESH. I love to operate off-grid, portable, mobile, as well as in my own ham radio shack at home.

I created Wave Talkers ( to help other people like you to get your license, upgrade, get on the air, and learn to be a more effective communicator. I'm creating these courses to help you go even further on your journey and to support the costs of maintaining the Wave Talkers platform, and to give back to ARES teams I regularly operate with in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

This hobby has so much to offer you regardless of what your initial interest is. Being able to communicate across town and around the world via ham radio is a truly remarkable and fun thing. You will learn a lot along the way, be able to help other people in times of need, stay connected to the real first hand information as events unfold, make a difference for yourself, your family, community, state, and country and have a heck of a lot of fun while doing it.

I have spent my entire career helping to improve teaching and learning with technology. From higher education, to businesses, and individuals like you. I've authored more than 20 courses on and LinkedIn Learning, produced and coached authors and teachers through the process of creating video based training, and much more. Now, I'm bringing my skills, experience, and passion to help you on your ham radio journey.

Let's get you started on your journey!

Chris Mattia, W6AH operating a portable ham radio station.

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